All Purpose Glue

Elmer’s ProBond Advanced all-purpose glue offers the strength and versatility of polyurethane glue, but cleans up much easier without the foamy mess. ProBond Advanced works great on a variety of surfaces such as plastic, metal, stone, wood, ceramic and more. It’s our strongest, safest all-purpose glue yet!

Watch as ProBond Advanced all-purpose glue delivers like polyurethane glue but cleans up with no foamy mess.

ProBond Advanced all-purpose glue features

• Multi/All-Purpose Bond: just like polyurethane glue, ProBond Advanced will bond to stone, metal, ceramic, concrete,
   wood, foam, glass and more!
• No foamy residue: unlike polyurethane glue, ProBond Advanced multi-purpose glue does not foam, making clean-up
   much easier.
• Easy water cleanup: use soap and water when the all-purpose glue is wet.
• Dries clear
• Indoor/Outdoor: this multi-purpose glue is weatherproof, making it great for indoor and outdoor uses.
• Open Time: 8-10 minutes before clamping
• Clamp Time: 12 hours
• Paintable: Yes
• Stainable: No
• Non-Toxic
• Type: pourable
• Sizes available: 60 mL, 118 mL

Elmer's has been producing the most well-known line of adhesives for over sixty years. When doing it yourself, it helps to have Elmer’s on your side.

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