Christmas Craft Ideas for Fun Family Togetherness

Elmer’s helps you prepare for the holidays with Christmas craft ideas that are fun and inexpensive.

Even those of us who aren’t artistic will enjoy bringing these Christmas craft ideas to life. Elmer’s has step-by-step instructions and videos that makes it easy to follow along and have a good time.

To save time, you can purchase the supplies all at once in a craft store. Many supplies can also be bought at the grocery store.

Watch these brief videos by Elmer’s for two charming Christmas craft ideas:

  • Christmas tree angel. Personalized ornaments for the tree are the best! You can never have too many.

  • Holiday trees and gift boxes. Surprise a relative or a child’s teacher with this craft made from the heart. To make this item, use Elmer’s tacky glue.

More Thoughts on Elmer’s Christmas Craft Ideas

Many Elmer’s craft concepts require little to no cutting with scissors and minimal painting or drawing skills, so even very young children can participate. Elmer’s glue is also a breeze to work with, so don’t fret if little ones aren’t perfect in their technique or get glue on fingers or clothes. Just rub or wash it out.

Much of the enjoyment you get from doing Christmas craft ideas with the children comes from the knowledge that you are building holiday memories for years to come. Don’t worry about making each craft perfectly. These crafts will look great no matter the skill level of the person making them.

Don’t forget to have the children paint their name or initials on each craft and add the date. You’ll be surprised at how thrilled they’ll be to see their creations in later years.

Check back throughout the year for information on our products and craft ideas for every season.