Craft Supplies in Canada

Oftentimes one of the most difficult parts of being an avid crafter, or having kids who love to craft, is being able to find the materials you need to complete your project. If you have been searching for that perfect craft supply to finish your latest project, Elmer’s can help.

For years, Elmer’s has been known for offering a wide range of high-quality yet affordable craft supplies for both novice and expert crafters along with everyone in between. Here are a few of Elmer’s most popular craft supplies in Canada.

Paints and Glitters

Elmer’s paints and glitters add new dimensions to your crafts by making your artwork colourful and more unique with a gallant glittery pop. The paints and glitter craft supplies are available in many forms, including poster and craft paint that’s available in many different colours, face paint (12x5ml assorted colours), glitter glue jumbo 5-pack (5x52.5ml assorted colours), glitter glue, swirl glam glue and pens, paint brushes, and banner paper. One of the best aspects of the glitter glues is they are washable and non-toxic.


For those art and fashion lovers, Elmer’s assortment of beads is a great choice when it comes to making jewelry and other personalized creations. The cord and lace are available in a wide range of colours from spring colour mix to classic colours. Additionally, pony beads and bead kits come in reusable plastic containers with plenty to choose from.


Elmer’s foams are the perfect surface for crafts and school projects. They are available in a wide assortment of colours along with foam sheets and foam stickers.

Other Essentials

Craft essentials are often the difference between a good and a great craft. These allow you to put an even more personalized touch on your project. Elmer’s collection of craft essentials such as pom poms, gems and sequins, chenille stems, magnets and craft sticks bring crafting projects to life.


Elmer’s kits offer all-in-one solutions for multiple craft creations. The kits can serve several kids making them ideal for teachers and parents. Some of the craft kits offered include the pop pom mosaics, the Elmer's Fuzzy-Felt Friends Kit, the friendship bracelet kit, the sparkling mosaic, and the fashion jewelry kit among others.

As a trusted name in the craft industry, Elmer’s can provide you with all the craft supplies in Canada you need to complete your current project. Look for these products, and many more at a retailer near you.