Father’s Day Crafts

Making a gift for Dad with help from the Elmer’s Crafting Club

There is nothing more special for Dad than receiving a Father’s Day gift you have made for him. The Elmer’s Crafting Club is here to help with great Father’s Day crafts to help get those creative juices flowing.

Dad’s Tie Bookmark Card – Perfect Father’s Day Craft for the Reader

Does your Dad like to read a lot of books? If so, this Father’s Day craft idea will be perfect. You’ll need:

  • Elmer’s tacky glue

  • Elmer’s blue and black construction paper

  • Elmer’s glow in the dark stars

  • Magnets (roll or strip)

You’ll fold, cut and glue the construction paper together to make a card that resembles a shirt. Using a blue foam sheet, you’ll create a tie shape that will be decorated with your magnets and stars. The tie will double as a bookmark so that whenever Dad is reading, he’ll remember the Father’s Day craft project you put together for him.

Father’s Day Rocks

You’ll need to find the right size of stone. Think about what Dad likes such as sports, music, animals or movies. You’ll then use foam letters, foam sheets, chenille stems and jiggly eyes to customize the Father’s Day rock for your Dad.

We hope these ideas help as you work on your own Father’s Day crafts. Have fun, learn and create something special for Dad that he will never forget.