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Holiday Crafts for Homemade Decorations

Holiday crafts from Elmer’s are an easy way to create one-of-a-kind items to decorate the home, classroom, office, almost anywhere.

Our crafts are simple - rated on a 1-to-5 skill scale - and don’t take long to make, so gather your supplies and spend a cold winter afternoon inside with the kids and Elmer’s.

Whatever supplies you don’t already have in the house, including Elmer’s tacky glue, you can find at your local craft store. If you prefer using a glue gun to make these holiday crafts, be sure an adult is on hand when children are using it.

The craft projects on here are updated throughout the year, and there are plenty of ideas for holiday crafts. A couple of great ideas:

Elmer’s includes easy-to-follow instructions for every craft, but if your family wishes to put a more imaginative stamp on a creation, no problem! Everyone can express their personal style.

Making Holiday Crafts: Fun and Important

Elmer’s stresses crafting as a family activity because it is a wonderful way for parents to encourage children’s emerging creativity. Research shows that pre-schoolers who participate in crafts will more quickly develop motor skills critical for writing and learning.

Creating crafts also teaches children how to follow instructions and work alongside others close to their age. And when the project is finished, it provides the satisfaction of accomplishing a goal.

Another wonderful benefit of: The enjoyment you experience making Elmer’s holiday crafts and memories built with your children, class or group as you construct your items.

Be sure to snap some photos to preserve the craft session. Posing with their creations is another chance for kids to be creative!