Kids Crafts

Simple and Easy Craft Projects

The following Elmer’s kids crafts offer simple and accessible projects for children to have fun learning at home and at school. These craft projects use common materials found around the house like Elmer’s glue, paint, juice containers, magnets, scissors, pencils and hole punches.

Elmer’s Kids Craft Idea One: Foam Flowers

Foam flowers
are easy to make and the finished product makes for a great decoration at school or in the home. Kids will learn to draw, cut and glue using Elmer’s Foam Glue to create 3 foam flowers and green leafs. Using hole punches, kids will then slide the foam flowers and pedals down a dowel to create the finished flowers. Finally, they’ll create a flower holder and decorate the container with stickers, glitter and more.

Elmer’s Kids Craft Idea Two: Craft Stick Frame

Using craft sticks and alphabet beads, this finished kid craft stick frame is perfect for on the refrigerator. Children will start by using Elmer’s tacky glue and wooden craft sticks to create the frame. A blue foam heart creates a nice touch at the top of the frame. Finally, magnets are added to the back for hanging on the fridge.

Elmer’s Kids Craft Idea Three: Caterpillar Pencil Topper

The red caterpillar pencil topper adds life to any standard pencil. This project involves cutting red foam sheets and folding them accordion style. Kids will punch holes into the foam and fit the pencil through the holes. Jiggly eyes, chenille antennae stems and a foam nose complete the caterpillar face. Elmer’s Foam Glue, a hole punch and a few craft supplies is all that is required for this kids craft project.

There you have it! Three great kids crafts to bring the family or classroom together!