Get Into Kids Crafts With the Help of Elmer's

Parents and teachers who want to become more involved in kids crafts as a way to help children grow and develop have a willing partner in Elmer’s.

For decades, Elmer’s has promoted crafts as a way to encourage creativity, problem-solving, and self-esteem. An alternative to television, computers, or video games, craft-making is a great way for children to interact with each other and just enjoy themselves!

Elmer’s full line of products and fun craft ideas make it simple and convenient for you to introduce kids crafts in the classroom or home, even if you are new to crafts yourself.

Each of our projects use the same basic set of inexpensive supplies - you’ll find that various craft-making sessions require only one trip to the store. The affordability of Elmer’s products also makes it possible for large groups of children to build crafts together.

Some of the products offered by Elmer’s:

  • Basic Essential: The “building blocks” of so many kids’ crafts.Tacky Glue, Chenille, Pom Poms, Jiggly Eyes and Craft Sticks
  • Beads: Braiding Cord, Plastic Lace, Clasps and a variety of beads and colors.
  • Foam: Surfaces, Foam Sheets (Sticky & Non Sticky), Stickers and Creation Kits
  • Paints: Tempera Paint, Face Paint and Brushes.
  • Kits: Includes everything you need to enable children to create crafts they can share or trade.

Relying on Elmer’s for all your craft needs is also convenient. There’s no need to save household items like popsicle sticks for weeks or months on end. We have everything you need, right when you need it.

We Have Fun Craft Ideas for Everyone

Here are some easy and fun craft ideas from Elmer’s to get you started. The children will enjoy any of these projects, but make your selection based on the children’s personalities, season of the year, or supplies you have bought or have on hand:

  • Critter bookmarks. Help kids make reading fun! They can look forward to reading if they can mark their pages with these.
  • Gift boxes. Practical and pretty, these can be re-used again and again.
  • Fun Fish Scene. Perfect for the bedroom wall, refrigerator, or bulletin board.
  • Craft Stick Frame. A great way to personalize the frame around a favorite photo. This also make a great gift to someone special.

Check out for an always-updated project ideas for kids’ crafts.