Adhesives Project Ideas - Yarn Bowl

Yarn Bowl

Skill Level: 1 of 5

What you need:

•   One ball of yarn in each colour you’d like to incorporate

•   Elmer’s Glue-All

•   Paper Plate

•   Plastic Wrap

•   Bowl or Container – will be used as the mould for the finished product.


1. Pick the object that you want to replicate with yarn. Whether it’s a bowl or container, you’ll want to then prepare the piece by wrapping it in plastic wrap. This makes it easier to peel the yarn bowl off once the glue has dried. Place the bowl or container upside down on the table.

2. Select the colour of yarn you’d like to use for your bowl. You can use as many colours as you’d like and buying one roll in each colour is sufficient to complete this project as well as many others.

3. Measure and cut your strips. Buter recommends cutting the yarn into 12 inch lengths, making sure that it is long enough to cover the depth of the bowl if you’re planning on doing a criss-cross pattern. Then organize the strips of yarn by colour so they’re easy to grab and use.

4. Pour the glue onto a disposable plate. Dip the yarn, one length at a time into the glue, making sure each strip is completely covered in glue. Starting at the base, or what will eventually be the top of the bowl, lay each strand of yarn around the bowl, joining the ends and stacking the strips on top of each other until the entire bowl is covered. Or, to make a cross-cross pattern, lay the strips across the bowl instead of around it. Again, continue until the bowl is covered.

5. Let the bowl dry at least overnight or up to 24 hours. Buter says it’s important to let the glue fully cure before you attempt to take it off of the plastic, which will ensure that you’ve got a nice, solid bowl when you’re done.