Craft Project Ideas - Crackle Finish

Crackle Finish

Skill Level: 3 of 5

What you need:

•   Water soluble paint (latex or acrylic) in contrasting colours

•   Wood frame mirror or Frame Paint brush

•   Elmer’s Glue All Multi-Purpose Glue

•   Gold Acrylic Paint

•   White Acrylic Paint

•   Paper motifs (to accent your mirror)

•   Paintbrushes Blow dryer or Heat Gun (optional)


1. Pick a project – a framed mirror or picture frame works great. This technique can also be used on surfaces, such as pottery and canvas.

2. Lay down your base coat using the gold acrylic paint. Paint one or two coats on the wooden frame and let dry. If you are not using the gold colour, make sure the bottom coat is the darker of your two chosen colours to really make the contrast pop in your finished product.

3. Apply Elmer’s Glue All to the frame and use a paint brush to spread a generous coat. Next you will paint over the glue while it is wet working in small sections. Spread the glue in a thin, even layer using a paint brush.

4. To apply your top coat, thin the paint out first with a bit of water and go over the glue only once with a thin layer of paint. Don’t overwork it: simply use your brush to spread the paint over the top of the glue.

5. Once you have finished the entire frame, allow your project to dry. To speed the process up use a blow dryer or heat gun moving it back and forth across the frame. Watch as crackles appear! Don’t leave the hairdryer on too long, as it can cause the paint to bubble.

6. Feel free to add decorations, like flowers or butterflies, cut out of paper. Cover the decorations with Elmer’s Glue All glue (both sides) and attach it to your frame.>