Craft Project Ideas - Craft Stick Snowflake

Craft Stick Snowflake

Skill Level: 3 of 5

What you need:

•   4 Red Craft Sticks

•   4 Jumbo Craft Sticks

•   Foam Sheet, white

•   Glitter Glue, silver

•   1 Chenille Stem, silver

•   1 Pom-pom, red

•   Paint Brush

•   Paper, pencil, eraser, scissors

•   Elmer’s Tacky Glue or Glue Gun (adult supervision required with glue gun)


1. Using the Silver Glitter Glue, paint the 4 Jumbo Craft Sticks by squeezing some onto the stick, and spreading it evenly with a paint brush. For a more vibrant colour and more sparkles, let the glitter glue dry and then paint a second coat.

2. Repeat on the 4 red Craft Sticks and let dry.

3. Glue the Jumbo Craft Sticks into a star shape by layering them on top of each other and let dry. Repeat with the 4 red sticks.

4. Glue the red star on top of the silver star and let dry.

5. Using the White Foam Sheet, cut out a snowflake shape and glue to the center of the red star. Glue a red Pom-pom on top and let dry.

6. Create a loop to hang your star using a chenille stem. Cut the stem to length, and twist the ends together to complete the loop. Adjust the size depending where you plan to hang it. Glue it onto the back of the star and let dry.

TIP:Use suction cups to place in a window or glue magnets on the back and put on the fridge.