Craft Project Ideas - Craft Stick Snowman

Craft Stick Snowman

Skill Level: 3 of 5

What you need:

•   10 Regular Craft Sticks

•   1 Jumbo Craft Stick

•   2 Jiggly Eyes

•   White & Black Paint

•   2 Chenille Stems, Orange & Black

•   Elmer's Tacky Glue


1. Place 10 craft sticks side by side in a rectangle shape on your work surface. Spread a generous coat of tacky glue onto the craft sticks making sure they stay together. Be careful they don’t glue to your work surface!

TIP: Use a paintbrush to smooth out the glue in between the sticks.

2. Once dried, turn the piece over and paint 2/3’s of the front with white paint (the face) and 1/3 with black paint (the hat).

3. Take the jumbo craft stick, paint it black and let dry.

4. Glue the black craft stick above the white painted sticks to create the brim of the hat.

5. Twist the orange chenille stem into a cone shape. Bend and cut the black chenille stem into a mouth. Place jiggly eyes, nose and mouth onto the snowman and glue it down.

6. Personalize your snowman by decorating with foam stickers, glitter and more!

TIP: Use suction cups to place in a window or glue magnets on the back and put on the fridge.