Craft Project Ideas - Father's Day Rocks

Father's Day Rocks

Skill Level: 1 of 5

What you need:

•   Foam Letters

•   Foam Sheets, Assorted Colours

•   Chenille Stems

•   Jiggly Eyes

•   Paint Assorted Colours

•   Scissors and Pencil

•   Elmer’s Tacky Glue, Elmer’s Glue All or Glue Gun (Adult supervision required when using a glue gun)


1. Before decorating, remove any dirt from the stone.

2. If you are using paint to decorate your rock, be sure to let the paint dry before adding another colour.

3. Use chenille, foam and jiggly eyes to personalize.
TIP: For a good tack, glue all your pieces on with tacky glue. If gluing stones together, it is best to add a second coat of glue to all the joints for the most secure bond.
TIP: Before starting the craft, have the students give some thought to what they want to make for Dad. Ideas like their favourite sport, music, animals, movies, etc. Have the students then choose the size of stone based on the design they have picked.