Harvest Helper


Harvest Helper

Skill Level: 1 of 5

What you need:

•  6 Jumbo Craft Sticks

•  2 Foam Sheets – blue, brown

•  2 Jiggly Eyes

•  Coloured Feathers

•  Chenille Stems – 3 brown, 3 yellow, 3 black

•  Elmer’s Foam Creations, Garden Paradise, flower stickers

•  Back Marker or Black Paint

•  Paper, pencil, eraser, scissors

•  Elmer’s Tacky Glue or Glue Gun (adult supervision required with glue gun)


TIP: Refer to the photo as a guide.

1. Cut a hat and a collar from blue Foam Sheet. Make the hat at least 20 x 14 cm (8 x 5.5 in.) and the collar at least 10 x 3 cm (4 x 1 in.).

2. Cut the Chenille Stems into 7 cm (2.75 in.) strips. Glue roughly half of the Chenille Stems along the hair line underneath the brim of the hat.

3. Glue 6 Jumbo Craft Sticks to the back of the hat brim, tapering in the end two sticks.

4. Glue the other half of the Chenille Stems across the bottom of the face.

5. Glue the collar in place at the bottom of the face over the Chenille Stems.

6. Cut nose from brown Foam Sheet roughly 2 x 6 cm (0.75 x 2.5 in.) and glue in place.

7. Glue Jiggly Eyes on.

8. Attach flower Foam Shape to hat.

9. Glue Chenille Stems and Coloured Feather behind the flower.

10. Draw on the mouth with a black marker or paint.

11. Glue one last Chenille Stem to the back as a hanger for your scarecrow.