Craft Project Ideas - Monster Madness Magnets

Monster Madness Magnets

Skill Level: 1 of 5

What you need:

•   Magnets

•   Pom Poms

•   Chenille Stems

•   Jiggly Eyes

•   Foam Sheets

•   Jewels

•   Scissors

•   Elmer’s Foam Glue, Elmer’s Glue All or Glue Gun
     (Adult supervision required when using a glue gun)


1. Use a large pom pom for the body of monster and glue on a smaller pom pom for the head.

2. Cut hands and feet out of foam sheets.

3. Cut and form chenille stems into a mouth and arms.

4. Glue on the arms, feet, head, jiggly eyes, mouth, and other body parts onto the pom pom body. Let dry.

5. Glue magnets onto the back of the monster and let dry.