Spinning Haunting Ghosts

Spinning Haunting Ghosts

What you need:

•   2 Large Foam Sheets - white, black

•   4 Jiggly Eyes

•   Fishing line or thread

•   Hole punch

•   Paper, pencil, eraser, scissors

•   Elmer’s Tacky Glue or Glue Gun (adult supervision required with glue gun)


TIP: Refer to the photo as a guide.

1. Using diagram 1 as a reference, draw a ghost onto the white Foam Sheet.
Small ghost approx. 19 cm x 27 cm (7.5” x 10.5”)
Large ghost approx. 21.5 cm x 32 cm (8.5” x 12.5”).

2. Cut the ghost shape out of the white Foam Sheet.

3. Make a mouth by cutting out an oval shape using the black Foam Sheet.

4. Glue on Jiggly Eyes and let dry.

5. Using a hole punch, make a small hole at the top of the ghosts head and attach the Fishing Line or Thread to hang the ghosts.