Craft Project Ideas - Spray Ahesives

Spray Adhesive

Skill Level: 3 of 5

What you need:

•   Elmer's All-Purpose Spray Adhesive

•   Non slip-cloth

•   Mini rug


1. Choose your spray adhesive. There are three different formulas: Extra Strength, Repositionable; and All-Purpose. All work well on paper, wood, fabric, felt and many different surfaces).

2. Take your slip-resistant mat and cut it to size to match your rug.

3. Give your Spray Adhesive a good shake, pop off the cap and ensure nozzle is turned away from you. Refer to the label on the spray can for detailed usage instructions. Protect the area around you so no spray touches any unwanted surface. Be sure you’re in an open, ventilated area.

4. Spray both surfaces (the slip-resistant mat and your carpet) then tack surfaces together within 15 seconds for a firm bond. If you want to be able to reposition the mat, wait a few minutes before applying the surfaces together. Smooth the surfaces with your hands. Let it set about one hour.

5. After laundering, re-apply the spray adhesive where needed. This product also works great for applying material to a wooden frame, and other decorative household projects.