Craft Project Ideas - Thankful Turkey


Thankful Turkey

Skill Level: 1 of 5

What you need:

•   2 Jiggly Eyes

•   Foam Sheets - Red, Orange & Yellow

•   Pom Pom - Brown

•   Pine Cone

•   Paper, Scissors and a Pencil

•   Elmer’s Tacky Glue, Elmer’s Glue All or Glue Gun (Adult supervision required when using a glue gun)


1. For the head, glue a pom pom onto the back/stem side of a pine cone and let dry.
Glue jiggly eyes onto the pom pom and let dry.
Cut out a beak from the orange foam sheet and glue on below the jiggly eyes.
4. Cut out feather shapes from the foam sheets to fit into the pine cone behind the head.
5. For each feather, cut out a paper shape to fit on top.
6. Write on each paper feather something you are thankful for.
7. Glue the paper onto the foam feather, let dry, and then glue the feather into the pine cone.