Craft Project Ideas - Turkey Napkin Holder


Turkey Napkin Holder

Skill Level: 1 of 5

What you need:

•   Jumbo Classic Colours Craft Sticks,
    15cm x 1.9cm – red, yellow, green

•   3 Foam Sheets – orange, red, yellow

•   2 Jiggly Eyes

•   4 Chenille Stems - red, orange,
    green, yellow

•   Coloured Feathers - red, orange, yellow

•   Elmer’s Tacky Glue or Glue Gun (Adult supervision required for use of a glue gun)


1. Choose 3 feathers and glue them to the back of the craft stick.

2. Glue the jiggly eyes to the front of the craft stick.

3. Cut a diamond shape, 2 cm high from orange foam sheet. Fold the diamond in half and put a small amount of glue inside the fold to create the beak. TIP: use a clothespin to secure the beak while it dries. Once dry, glue into place under the eyes.

4. Cut a 2 cm wattle from the red foam sheet and glue into place under the beak.

5. Glue a chenille stem to the back of the turkey and let dry.

6. Fold a paper napkin in a fan shape. Wrap the chenille around the napkin and twist in the front to secure. Use colour or patterned napkins for a different look.

Make one for everyone at the table!