Craft Project Ideas - Yellow Bird Bank - Recycled Craft

Yellow Bird Bank - Recycled Craft

Skill Level: 1 of 5

What you need:

•   Hot chocolate container

•   Foam sheets, yellow

•   4 Pom Poms, 2 large - green, 2 small - yellow

•   2 Jiggly Eyes

•   Feathers, white

•   Scissors

•   X-ACTO Knife (Adult supervision required when using X-ACTO knife)

•   Elmer’s Tacky Glue or Glue Gun (Adult supervision required for use of a glue gun)


Using a hot chocolate can, turn it upside down so that the lid is on the bottom. This will make it easy to get the collected coins out when the bank is full. Wrap the can with a foam sheet and glue down the seams. Add coloured elastics around the can for decoration and to help keep the foam in place.

2. Next you will create the hole where you insert your money. This step requires adult supervision as you will need to use an X-ACTO knife. Cut a rectangular hole on the front of the can (this is the mouth), leaving enough space for the beak and the eyes to sit above. Make the hole large enough to fit the biggest coins.

Using a piece of foam, cut a heart shape that you will glue above the money hole, making sure you leave room so that you can get the coins in underneath. Hold until the glue takes tack.


Glue 2 large pom poms together and let dry. Glue 2 small pom poms together and let dry. Glue the small poms on top of the large ones. Once they are dry, glue on jiggly eyes, and then glue everything above the beak onto the container.

5. Glue on feathers behind the eyes and onto the can. Glue circle foam shapes on the front for extra decoration.

Add coins and start saving!