beaded butterfly summer crafts for kids

Summer Crafts for Kids with Elmer’s

Grab some egg cartons, foam sheets and other fun supplies from your craft cupboard

Elmer’s has some great summer crafts for kids ideas featuring some of the fun summer critters that we often see. We’ve got ways to repurpose egg cartons into some really cool, creative bugs, butterflies or caterpillars. Having trouble getting your child to wear a hat this summer? What better summer craft for kids than their own unique frog visor that they’ll want to wear! Another great idea is to create a colorful butterfly with beads, to hang in the window or on the wall.

Repurpose your egg cartons with this summer craft for kids

Recycled egg cartons can be cut into individual units to become the body of a caterpillar, frog, butterfly or your own unique critter. Use Elmer’s non-toxic vibrant tempera paint to add some colour and tacky glue to attach jiggly eyes, chenille stems and anything else you can find in your craft cupboard.
See how to make recycled egg carton critters here.

This summer craft for kids will keep them shaded all day long

On a hot summer day, a hat is a must but sometimes kids don’t want to cooperate. This frog foam visor is sure to be a hit with your kids. You’ll start with a foam visor and then cut frog hands made out of foam sheets and create a yellow foam crown. Attach jiggly eyes, foam hands and yellow crown with Elmer’s foam glue. An X-ACTO knife can be used to cut a sliver into the foam visor for a silly tongue.

Beaded butterfly is colorful and fun for any summer day

This summer craft is relatively straight forward but a great way to use beads of all types: translucent, colorful and even glow in the dark. You’ll use chenille stems and slide the beads over two at a time. The end result is a butterfly that has 4 colorful wings made of beads.

Elmer’s has some great summer crafts for kids that leverage common items found in your craft cupboard. Get started having fun now!