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Elmer’s Thanksgiving Crafts for Kids: Fun on a Budget

Thanksgiving crafts for kids are fun and easy to make with the help of Elmer’s adhesives and everyday materials you may already have around the house.

Requirements for a craft-building session are simple. Supplies such as heavy paper, foam or feathers can be purchased for just a few dollars at your local craft store. Materials such as leaves or pine cones can be found on a stroll outdoors. Your work area can be a large kitchen or dining room table.

If you are new to kids’ crafting, Elmer’s has a few suggestions to make the experience more enjoyable for both adults and children:

  • Turn off computers, cell phones or televisions so children can concentrate on building crafts with no distractions.

  • Let the kids use their imagination. Don’t be too concerned if one child glues feet where wings should be. For children - and adults, too - the most important aspect of Thanksgiving crafts for kids is having fun together.

  • Don’t worry about the mess. It may help to spread a newspaper on the table to catch anything. You also never need worry about getting Elmer’s glue off skin or out of hair or clothing. Our products are washable and easy to clean up.

  • Once the children get into the habit of building crafts from some of the simple ideas on our website, ask them to come up with their own ideas. The inventiveness of youngsters will surprise you.

Thanksgiving crafts for kids are a terrific way to prepare for the holiday while building memories with your family and keepsakes for the holiday for years to come.

Trust Elmer’s to Help With Thanksgiving Crafts for Kids

Not sure where to begin with your craft project? Elmer’s has plenty of ideas that require little skill to get your group going.

Try these Thanksgiving crafts for kids for starters:

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