About Elmer's

For more than sixty years, Elmer's Products, Inc., has been providing creative adhesive solutions that support project success and turn ideas into reality. Our continued dedication to new product development has made Elmer's the most trusted brand of adhesives in the classroom, at home, in the workshop and at the craft table. Our focus remains on continually providing superior products that help consumers successfully complete projects the way they envision them.

At Elmer's, we inspire people to create, build and learn for life.

The evolution of Elmer's Glue-All


Elmer's is a company rich in history and tradition. Our story begins in 1947, under the Borden® Company and the trade name "Cascorez Glue", the first ever consumer white glue. It was originally packaged in glass bottles with "ice cream pop" type sticks fastened with an elastic band. Shortly thereafter, the glue was repositioned and renamed "Elmer's Glue-All" after Elmer, the spouse of Borden's famed corporate symbol, Elsie the cow.

In the mid-1990s, Borden® was purchased by a large private equity firm, and Elmer's was launched as a separate operating company. By 2002, Elmer's was purchased by another private equity firm and merged with Hunt Corporation, which has allowed Elmer's to develop beyond adhesives and into the worlds of creative arts and crafts and office products.

Today, Elmer's is headquartered in Columbus, Ohio with several offices around the world. We're dedicated to quality and innovation and have a vast range of products including adhesives, arts and crafts, educational and office products for use at home, school or the office.

The Elmer's portfolio also includes a family of well known brands such as Krazy Glue®, X-ACTO®, ProBond® and Painters®.

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